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Photo Essay 24 Pics To Be Jolly People in their cars can never be so happy ...or? See for yourself

Velo Anthropology is a series. One that looks at the sub-culture of bicycles in the context of public space in an urban now Part 1: Human Destiny

Be Bold. Go Places the launch of Maps is on!Maps
The Incomplete Guide to
Los Angeles By Bicycle
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MAPS - Beaches to Downtown Los Angeles Some cyclists don’t have a problem with taking any major street to anywhere they want and go at any time. That’s not for everyone. Some people don’t have the skill level, the right bike or don’t always want to deal with the kind of mortal stress that goes hand in hand with riding in fast moving traffic. Here are three routes ... check out

Photo Essay Velo Anthropology is a view of culture. One that looks closely at bicycles and the people on them, where they ride and their impact on the social stucture of a car dominated world.

Photo Essay
Halloween on Bike Sometimes riding a bike in LA is scary. ENTER IF YOU DARE

The Tour de Disaster was designed to demonstrate the important role that bicycles can play in an emergency response. After an earthquake, ......
The event was made possible by The City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition in Canada.
Filmed and edited by Cyclecat 7

Now up: Photo Essay CicLAvia temporarily removes cars from Los Angeles streets and connects communities and give people a break from the stress of car traffic.

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The Rivers and Creeks bike paths in Los Angeles County run adjacent to the concrete flood channels that used to living waterways. Every so often one can catch a faint glimpse of how things might have been prior to the urban and industrialization of the area. They are continuous stretches of...
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